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Mosaic Art Self-Guided Tour

There is no need to go a big city to enjoy and appreciate the arts. Delaware County, Ohio offers a variety of artistic venues, including both performing and visual arts. You'll discover a superb symphony orchestra, an Arts Castle, Performing Arts Series, theater, dance and opera performances, movies, gallery shops, exhibits and more. In addition to the attractions listed below, the Delaware Arts Festival is held in Historic Downtown Delaware each May.

Tour the County for the beautiful mosaic works of Lynda Elias and Virginia Corwin.

Locations for Mosaic Projects done by Delaware Mosaics in Delaware County, Ohio


  1. The outside of the back entrance of Restoration Brew Worx
  2. Two panels at the Arts Castle - one in front and one in rear
  3. Two 2-sided panels at Stratford Ecological Center
  4. Smith School lt has panels in the front hall, panels around the front door, a panel in the middle of the building front, two panels by the Heffner side doors and a garden bench and stepping stones.
  5. Dempsey Middle school has 8 panels in their lunch room
  6. Delaware Co. Senior Center has a two-sided panel in the garden
  7. St. Peters Epis. Church has two panels in the back garden
  8. Buckeye Valley East has 7 panels on a building in town
  9. Orange Library has a 5 panel dragon in their back garden
  10. Willowbrook West has 3 panels near their garden

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