About - Delaware County Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc.

About the Delaware County Convention & Visitors Bureau

MISSION: To promote tourism and attract visitors
and conventions to Delaware County.


The Delaware County Convention & Visitors Bureau began operations in 1996 and is incorporated as a non-profit organization.

What is a Convention and Visitor Bureau?

A convention and visitor bureau is a "destination marketing" organization. Both in Ohio, and nationally, most convention and visitor bureaus are not-for-profit organizations that work independently under the auspices of a board of trustees. The fundamental mission of a convention and visitor bureau is the promotion of visitor and business travel, which generates overnight lodging for a destination. Convention and visitor bureaus are the most important tourism marketing organizations in the State of Ohio. They are directly responsible for travel and tourism "product awareness" to visitors. Billions of direct and indirect revenue and taxes are generated into the state and local economy due to the prevailing marketing expertise of Ohio's convention and visitor bureaus.

How is a Convention and Visitor Bureau Funded?

The primary funding source is usually derived from a tax (transient lodging tax) that a hotel guest pays on lodging in the community of the convention and visitor bureau. In some communities, the convention and visitor bureau also offers a membership program to enhance its revenue. Because bureau funding is directly linked to how many hotel rooms there are in a community, budget sizes vary greatly. The underlying mission, however, remains the same - destination marketing.

How Does a Convention and Visitor Bureau Work?

A convention and visitor bureau's marketing initiatives typically are achieved through some or all of the following: trade association marketplaces, advertising, distribution of promotional and collateral material, direct sales, hosting familiarization tours and other hospitality functions. The target decision maker of the marketing initiative is not typically a resident in the community. Most often, if the visitor is going to spend the night in a hotel, they are from at least 100 miles away. Therefore, the marketing activity usually takes place or is directed outside of the convention and visitor bureau's community.

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